Weekend Reminder for the Week of September 10, 2018

Dear Parents,

We were off to a great start this week! Students were not assigned homework during the first week of school.  By September 10, 2018 each student is required to bring in one personal novel from home or public library. Also please bring in inexpensive head phones or earbuds to be left at school.

Please make certain that your child returns their CPS packet back by next week.

Have a great weekend!

Dr. James

Daily Schedule for 2018-2019

Room 207 Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:45-8:55 Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival
8:55-9:30 Social Studies Social Studies Buddies Social Studies Social Studies
9:30-11 Math Math Math Math Math
11-12 Specials Specials Specials Specials Specials
12-12:45 Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess
12:45-1 Class Meeting Class Meeting Class Meeting Class Meeting Class Meeting
1-2 Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading
2-2:45 Writing  Writing  Writing  Writing  Writing
2:45-3:30 Science Science Science Science Science
3:30-3:45 Dismissal Dismissal Dismissal Dismissal Dismissal

Fourth Grade Grading Rubric

Dear Parents,

Below you will find the rubric that is used for daily assignments and homework. Please Click the link below.

Fourth-Grade-Grading-Rubric Room 206

Welcome to Room 206 Grade 4

September 4, 2018

Dear Fourth Grade Students and Families,

My name is Dr. Toney-James, and I am very excited to be your child’s 4th grade teacher this year! This year, I am extremely excited to have a University of Chicago intern co-teaching in fourth grade.  Ms. Redmond is a graduate student who is currently fulfilling her teacher preparation credentials at Ray (see attached introduction letter). Together we look forward to a positive year with strong parent-teacher communication to best serve the needs of your child. We are both committed to doing everything within our power to make this year successful and exciting for all of us!

About Dr. James

I am originally from Chicago and a product of Chicago Public Schools. My hobbies include teaching 5 am cycle classes, travel, training for marathons and spending time with my children. My husband and I have two children, a son named Gavin age 7 and a daughter named Avia, age 5.This is my sixth year at the William Ray Elementary School and I look forward to a year filled with unlimited learning experiences and exciting times. As an intermediate grade school teacher (grade 3-5) for over 15 years, I believe that an understanding of culture, communities and pedagogies of empowerment is paramount to student success. I feel extremely honored to be at a school with such a rich reputation for strong community and parental involvement.


Every Monday, you will receive a curriculum chart outlining activities, and homework pertaining to each subject taught by me, this will be available on the classroom website.  If you have any further questions, email is the best way to contact me.  My email address is mrtoney@cps.edu. I always do my personal best to respond to emails in a timely matter. Additionally, I am able to meet before and after school with a scheduled appointment.

This week, the main objective is to prepare the fourth graders with the procedures and routines of Room 206-4.

Additional Supplies

Personal Novel (by September 10, 2018). Throughout the week, we will practice good reading behavior during reader’s workshop.  Since guided reading groups will not begin this week, it is recommended that students bring an independent book to read.  The student’s book choice will help give me an idea of your child’s reading interests and habits.

Grading Policy

Grading Policy Your child’s grades will be based on tests, projects, homework and classwork.

The Grading Scale is as follows: 100-90% = A 89-80% = B 79-70% = C 69-60 = D 59% ↓ = F

Assessments: 40%      Classwork/ Participation: 30%   Homework: 15%  Projects: 15%



Homework Policy

Homework is assigned every night.  However, homework is not due until Friday. Weekly homework will be outlined and posted via website every Monday. A weekly reading log will be given at the beginning of every week this log is to be completed and turned in the following Monday. Please be sure that your child’s homework is NEAT and COMPLETE. Homework that is given is a review of what has been taught in class. Please take a few minutes each night to check your child’s work.

Behavior Policy

To reinforce positive behaviors throughout the school, PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) will be implemented at Ray.  In addition to learning the expectations of classroom activities, the fourth graders will also be explicitly taught the behaviors that will be expected in our school. To reinforce positive behavior throughout the school, students will be praised with Ray Warrior coins.  Additionally, every week a student from each class will be recognized for positive behavior with a Student of the Week award. Another PBIS initiative will be monthly positive character trait themes.  September’s character trait is respect.

Social Emotional Learning

This year, Ray School has adapted Second Step which is a social and emotional curriculum.  In Room 206, students will be taught the lessons during our class meeting which will be held immediately after lunch.  This week’s theme is empathy.

Additional Information

From past experience, you probably are aware of all of the important paper work that is required for you to complete (please see back to school parent packet).  With that said, parents often feel that they are the ones with all of the homework during the first week of school.  It would be extremely helpful for the school, if you return the paperwork as soon as you can.  In addition to the paperwork, the $85 school fee is due as soon as possible.

Our Class Schedule

Arrival: 8:45 a.m.    Social Studies 8:45 a.m.- 9:30

Math: 9:30 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.   Specials: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Lunch/ Recess: 12:00 p.m.- 12:45 p.m.   Literacy: 12:45 p.m. -2:00 p.m.

Writing 2:00p.m- 2:45p.m (Wejman)    Science 2:45p.m- 3:30p.m (Pfeiffer,)

Dismissal: 3:45 p.m.



Every 5 weeks the special will change between Art, Spanish, Music and Library. CPS mandates that each student has 120 minutes of physical education/health minutes a week.  To accommodate this requirement, Room 206 will have physical education/ health twice a week throughout the school year. We will begin with Spanish and P.E. for the first five weeks.  Monday– Health  Tuesday –Spanish   Wednesday– Spanish Thursday- Spanish   Friday- Gym .

Also, this year I am excited to announce that students will change classes daily for Social Studies, Science and Writing (see attached letter ).

I want to thank you in advance for all your support. Together we will continue to work toward success and high student achievement. I am very excited about the year ahead, and look forward to having the privilege of teaching your child!

Once again, I am very excited to work with each of your children!  Let’s work together to make this the best year ever!


Kind Regards,


Dr. Toney-James

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Dear Fourth Grade Parent,                                                                                                                                                June 19, 2018

We hope that you and your family enjoy a wonderful summer that is both fun and relaxing.  To prepare your child for fourth grade, it is important that some practices are in place.

First of all, your child should be reading everyday.  Because it is the summer, let your child read for pleasure enjoying books that they enjoy.  As their parent, it would be helpful for you to encourage them to read a variety of genres. Also, asking them questions about what they are reading is helpful to aid in comprehension.  Children of all ages enjoy adults reading books to them. Consider reading a favorite book of your past to your fourth grader.

Another great practice that would be helpful for your rising fourth grader, would be practicing math facts.  Children with an automaticity of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts are more prepared for the math skills that will be taught throughout the year.  Websites such as Math is Fun and Khan Academy are helpful for reviewing and teaching new specific math skills.

Since the children learned so much about Chicago History in third grade, it would be fun for your family to continue this by going on “family field trips” around the city.  The Chicago Public Library has free passes to a multitude of Chicago museums. While at the library, your child can also sign up for the summer reading program. Journaling about your family field trips would be an excellent way to foster writing skills.

Fourth graders are at a wonderful age to be independent and greatly enjoy the world around them.  We hope that you take advantage of all of the teachable moments that await your child this summer!


Dr. James

Ms. Pfeiffer

Ms. Wejman

4th Grade School Supply List for the 2018-2019 School Year

4th Grade Supplies

60 pencils – # 2 Sharpened

6 Color Coded Specific Notebooks (red, blue, yellow, green, black, purple)

1 box of colored pencils

10 glue sticks

1 box of markers

1 box of dry erase markers

1 pencil case

1 pair of old clean socks

3 pairs of scissors

2 pocket folders

1 package of Clorox wipes

1 box of reclosable plastic sandwich bags

1 box of large gallon bags

2 packages of notebook paper

2 packages of copy paper

2 boxes of Kleenex

Paper Towels

Wet wipes

1 ruler with centimeters and inches

2 packages of post-its

2 black sharpies

1 package of index cards


Social Studies Final Exams/ Projects Due this Week!

Dear Parents

All 4th grade students were given a take home exam today it will be due on Tuesday 6/12/18. No late test will be accepted.

There will be a states and capitals matching exam 6/12/18 this exam will be given in class.

All Trip Planning Final Projects are Due Friday 6/15- The last day of the term. Students are working on them in class. All students need a white poster board to complete the project.

Social Studies- Trip Planing Activity/ Materials Needed by Monday June 11th

Final Project 

The students are given the task of planning a trip within the U.S. for a family of 4. They are given a budget of $3,500. They have to be creative in  planning for transportation, lodging, food  attractions etc.. This project is done completely in class. Nothing is done at home.

Materials Needed:- Due Monday June 11th (Students May bring it in earlier)  

Standard Poster Board (White) Required– name on the back

Markers/ Colored Pencils- (Required)

Letter Stencils-( optional)

4X6, 3X5  images/ drawings of  attractions, dining, lodging state on map (optional)

PTO Family Cooking Night- May 22, 2018

We’re devoting our last meeting of the year to cooking! On May 22nd at 5:30 pm, families will get to experience Ray School’s Pilot Light food education program by preparing a meal together.  

We will be working together to make ingredients that can be used for Banh Mi sandwiches, a rice dish or a green salad.

Seats are limited so please sign up soon!

Join us, please RSVP by clicking here or email friendsofraypto@gmail.com so we know what quantity of ingredients to buy.  

May Fundraising Information Walk-a-thon/ Skating Party

Ray School Walk-a-thon May 18, 2018 

Please register your child  at http://rayschool.dojiggy.com – the fundraising happens when parents share their student’s page on Facebook or via email with friends and family.  100% of every dollar raised goes to support health & wellness initiatives at Ray – recess monitors, playground equipment, new water fountains.


Ray at The Rink- Sunday, May 20th 2018

Tickets are $10 in advance $12 at the door. Price includes skate rental. Pay online with credit card at rayschool.weebly.com/skating-party.html

Any questions please email Jennifer Williams at jenniferwilliams5050gmail.com.


Northeast Region Test Wednesday and Thursday May 16 -17 , 2018

Fourth Grade Students will take their Northeast Region states and captitals test on Wednesday May 16 (Oral) & Thursday May 17th 2018. All 4th graders were given a study guide.

Northeast Region
Connecticut – Hartford
Delaware – Dover
Maine – Augusta
Maryland – Annapolis
Massachusetts – Boston

New Hampshire – Concord
New Jersey – Trenton
New York – Albany
Pennsylvania – Harrisburg
Rhode Island – Providence
Vermont – Montpelier

Report Card Pick-up Wednesday April 18, 2018

Report Card Pick Up will be held this Wednesday from 11:00 p.m- 6:00 p.m.

Thank you to everyone who signed up for a conference time on Wednesday. Please email me with your requested time request. Notes were sent out last week.

Please choose 3 time slots and indicate your preference by writing the time next to 1st , 2nd or 3rd. Appointments are given in 10 minute increments.  You may also email me at mrtoney@cps.edu.

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