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December 13, 2019

Spirit Week December 16, 2019- December 20, 2019

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12/16/19, Monday – Ugly, Beautiful Sweater Day

12/17/19, Tuesday – Character & Role Play Day or Crazy Mix Match/ backward clothes day

12/18/19, Wednesday – Floor Color War Day & Ray Warrior Family Community Night, Winter Wonderland

12/19/19, Thursday – Pajama, Story, Movie & Stuffed Animal Day

12/20/19, Friday – Dance Party, Sports, Snowball Day

*Sweater Day – Take class photos and present fun awards (write categories on the board or project from a screen)

*Character Day – Students can wear like their favorite book or movie character (must be school appropriate). Set aside for students play charades or role-play. Staff, you can play in the teacher’s during your lunch break.

*Floor Color Wars

Annex – Yellow

1st Floor – Green

2nd Floor – Red

3rd Floor – Blue

*Ray Warrior Community Night: story time, cookie decorating, choir performance and arts & crafts

*PJ Day – Onesie Fun, movies in class and/or auditorium on the big screen. Hopefully, our popcorn machine will be available. Grade Level Story time in the library (schedule forthcoming)

*Friday – AM Sports/PM Dance Parties/Make paper snowballs & enjoy!

December 9, 2019

December 9- December 13, 2019 Ms. Garza Takes Over!!!!

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Greetings Parents!

This week, December 9th  through December 13th, Ms. Garza the student-intern from the University of Chicago – Urban Teacher Education Program, will be fully responsible for all instruction. She is completely responsible for the planning, implementation, assignments, and grading for this week.

Here is an overview of the student’s week:

In English Language Arts, students are currently exploring biographies. Students will learn how to identify the theme, main idea, character traits, and summarize nonfiction biographical texts.

This week in Math, students will be introduced to the relationship between fraction and decimals.  On Friday, students will play relevant math games that allow them to have more exposure to fractions with different denominators, equivalent fractions, and decimals to the tenths and hundredths place.

In Social Science, students will describe the physical geography of the southwest region. They will read and identify physical landmarks on a map of the southwest region.

If you have any questions, encouragements, concerns, or comments at all, please feel welcomed to e-mail me at mrtoney@cps.edu with the subject Ms. Garza’s takeover.

Ms. Garza and Dr. Toney- James

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