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December 3, 2018

Ms. Redmond takes over Instruction

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Greetings Parents!

This week, December 3rd through December 7th, Ms. Redmond, the student-intern from the University of Chicago – Urban Teacher Education Program, will be fully responsible for all instruction. She is completely responsible for the planning, implementation, assignments, and grading for this week.

Here is an overview of the student’s week.

In English Language Arts, students are currently exploring biographies. They will read about a new person each day. As a class, we will discuss the person, their contributions to our society, and what life lesson we can learn from their lives. Each person is an activist in their own way. Students will learn about Dolores Huerta (the worker’s rights activist), Malala Yousafzai (A young advocate for girl’s education in the Middle East), Ida B. Wells (An anti-lynching journalist), Thurgood Marshall (the first African-American Supreme Court Justice), and Katherine Johnson (the Mathematician, Physicist, and Scientist). I encourage you to ask your fourth-grader about the people they are learning about in class.

Students will learn how to identify the theme, main idea, character traits, and summarize nonfiction biographical texts.

This week in Math, students will be finishing Unit 3. There are two more lessons in the unit. Students will be introduced to Millimeters (mm) and they will learn how to compare decimals to the hundredths place. On Wednesday, students will be given a study guide that mirrors the test. I will check the study guide in class and will address class trends of misconceptions. Thursday, students will take their Unit Test. On Friday, students will play relevant math games that allow them to have more exposure to fractions with different denominators, equivalent fractions, and decimals to the tenths and hundredths place.

If you have any questions, encouragements, concerns, or comments at all, please feel welcomed to e-mail me at mrtoney@cps.edu with the subject Ms. Redmond’s takeover.

Ms. Redmond and Dr. James

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