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25 Sep

Congratulations to Caleb Scott our Student of the Week!  Reading: Determine a theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text; summarize the text. This week students will be given their guided reading books.  Group discussions will focus on theme in the text .  The students will be taught that theme is the general idea that the writer wants to express. Math: Generalize place value understanding multi-digit whole numbers; Students will also draw and identify lines and angles, and classify shapes by properties of their lines and angles. 4th graders will begin the week with subtracting... 

12 Sep

Dear Parents, In an effort to get to know the students better, students will design an autobiographical cereal box project. Please click the link below for the project requirements and the date when your child will present their project. Please email me at if you have any additional questions. Dr. Toney-James   Scan Sep 11, 2018 at 2_16 PM  

10 Sep

Dear Parents, Please make certain that your child returns their CPS packet back this week. Also make certain that you register for class dojo if you have not. Students also need earbuds and a personal novel from home or the public library. Lastly, make certain your child is completing homework daily and studying for Friday timed test. Homework is due on Friday. Please have students turn in their homework in their purple tic-tac-toe notebook and in their homelinks math book. This week students should be practicing  their 2 multiplication facts. Cereal Box Projects due The Week of September 24,... 

7 Sep

Dear Parents, We were off to a great start this week! Students were not assigned homework during the first week of school.  By September 10, 2018 each student is required to bring in one personal novel from home or public library. Also please bring in inexpensive head phones or earbuds to be left at school. Please make certain that your child returns their CPS packet back by next week. Have a great weekend! Dr. James  

4 Sep

Room 207 Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8:45-8:55 Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival 8:55-9:30 Social Studies Social Studies Buddies Social Studies Social Studies 9:30-11 Math Math Math Math Math 11-12 Specials Specials Specials Specials Specials 12-12:45 Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess Lunch/Recess 12:45-1 Class Meeting Class Meeting Class Meeting Class Meeting Class Meeting 1-2 Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading 2-2:45 Writing  Writing  Writing  Writing  Writing 2:45-3:30 Science Science Science Science Science 3:30-3:45 Dismissal Dismissal Dismissal Dismissal Dismissal Posted... 

4 Sep

Dear Parents, Below you will find the rubric that is used for daily assignments and homework. Please Click the link below. Fourth-Grade-Grading-Rubric Room 206  

4 Sep

September 4, 2018 Dear Fourth Grade Students and Families, My name is Dr. Toney-James, and I am very excited to be your child’s 4th grade teacher this year! This year, I am extremely excited to have a University of Chicago intern co-teaching in fourth grade.  Ms. Redmond is a graduate student who is currently fulfilling her teacher preparation credentials at Ray (see attached introduction letter). Together we look forward to a positive year with strong parent-teacher communication to best serve the needs of your child. We are both committed to doing everything within our power to make this year...