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March 23, 2018

Women’s History Project Outline- 4th Grade Social Studies

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Women’s History Project 

WOMEN’S HISTORY is more than the story of famous women.  It’s also the story of ordinary women who have lived quietly outside the spotlight of history’s important events.

All women have made a contribution to our country.  As mothers and grandmothers they have raised children and passed along from one generation to another the customs and values that are important to our heritage, let’s take the time to celebrate them! They have played important roles in communities, supporting schools and participating in volunteer organizations that work to help others.

As our nation marks Women’s History Month and focuses on the contributions of women, you are going to take a closer look at the life of a woman you already know.



You’ll need to pick a subject to interview.  She could be an older relative, your mother, your grandmother, aunt, a neighbor, teacher, pastor  or a family friend. My preference is someone you know very little about.



Students must select a minimum of 5 questions from the teacher generated list. Students are allowed to create their own 5 questions. Students must use a minimum of 10 questions in their report. The report must be submitted with their documentation that the interview took place (transcriptions, notes, email, audio etc…) along with a list of the questions that were asked.

There is no specific or required page length for the assignment. Make certain that the paper is inclusive of all 4 parts. Students must include a photograph of the person they interviewed preferably one with interviewer and interviewee (yes, it can be a selfie).  Women’s History Project must be typed.



Like any reporter preparing for an assignment, you’ll need to request an interview.  Write your subject a note or call her to set up an interview date and time.


Due date: Papers and Presentations are due starting April 6, 2018. Students were given their dates.

Teacher Generated Interview Questions. 

Questions about Your Childhood:

  1. Where were they born? Any siblings?
  2. Did you have any heroes or role models when you were a child?
  3. What big world events do you remember from the time you were growing up?
  4. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  5. What inventions do you most remember?
  6. What’s different about growing up today from when you were growing up?

Questions about Adulthood:

  1. Did you go to university or college? How did you decide what you wanted to study?
  2. What was your first job? What did you like or not like about it?
  3. What job did you do most of your life? What did you like most about it? Least?
  4. What do you think are your three best qualities?
  5. Do you have any special sayings or expressions?
  6. What’s your favorite book and why? What’s your favorite movie and why?
  7. Who are three people in history you admire most and why?
  8. What have been the two biggest news events during your lifetime and why?
  9. What’s the best compliment you ever received?
  10. How have your dreams and goals changed through your life?
  11. What, if anything, would you have done differently in your life?
  12. What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you were young?
  13. What have you thrown away in your life that you wish you hadn’t?
  • What have you held on to that’s important and why is it important? What “junk” have you held on to and why?
  1. What is the highest honor or award you have received?
  • What is the most memorable phone call you have received?
  1. What are three important dates in your life?
  • What is the one thing you have always wanted to do but still have not done it?
  • What is one thing that has stayed the same about you throughout life? What has changed?

From the Perspective of a Woman Questions: 

  • How has the women’s movement changed your life?
  • How are things different today for women than they were when you were a little girl?
  • What women do you admire most?
  • Do you think women have equal rights today? Why or why not?
  • Did you have any role models in your life? Who?
  1. Did you study Women’s History when you were in school?
  • How might your life have been different if you were born a boy and not a girl?


Report Format for the Interview Assignment/ Must be typed (4 parts)


Part 1:  Cover Page (Separate Page)

Include the following information on a cover sheet, to be kept on a separate page from the main body of the report- Please include a picture of the person you interviewed . Interviewer and Interviewee together is also an option.


Date of Interview:

Interviewee Name and Title (if it applies, Dr. Rev. etc…)

Interviewer: Your name, Room Number and Grade

Place of Interview: (your home, their home, office etc..)

Method of Interview: Audio, Video, Pencil and Paper, Email Phone and Paper etc..

Photo must appear on the cover.


Part 2: Biographical Background Information:

Provide information about the interviewee, why they are being interviewed for this project. Why did you select this woman? Include how you know her. How long you have known her.


Part 3: The Body/ Write a Summary

When the interviews are complete, look over your notes, students should write a summary of the interview .The introduction should include the person’s name. The body should include interesting information that was found during the interview.


Part 4: The Reflection: Last, the reflection should wrap up the summary and tell why the person was interesting. Summarize the results of the interview, and mention any particularly interesting or important information gained.


Note: This was a major part that many students missed in their African-American History reports. Also include overall, how you felt about the interview and how it went. What kind of overall information were you able to obtain? What went right? Wrong? How in-depth did the conversation get?


Any additional questions: Dr. James contact email mrtoney@cps.edu

Spring Break Social Studies Extra Credit

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Social Studies Extra Credit (Optional)

  • Research paper on a famous Women in History (2 page typed)
  • Power point presentation 6 – 8 slides your spring break. Please include short narrative with each slide.
  • Write a summary of 2 major news events that happened over spring break. Please bring in the articles and the periodical source.

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