Extra Credit Social Studies Rooms 207 & 209- Over Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Activity- Due Monday November 27, 2017- Only required assignment for holiday break.

Students are required to take 1-3 pictures with a camera (no illustrations)  over the holiday break of various activities they have participated in. Examples are: cooking with family, Thanksgiving dinner Shopping , ice skating, travel, spending time with friends/family etc… Either send the photo via email to mrtoney@cps.edu  or bring a hard copy to class on Monday November 27, 2017. Each photo should have a brief description of who was in the photo, where was it taken, what is going on in, when was it taken etc..)  Students may present this in any format it can be typed, sent in a power point, poster presentation.  It is up to them!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Toney-James

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