Book Report Form

Every five weeks, you will be required to complete a book report which will be counted as part of the project portion of your grade.  Since we are reading fiction books during the first quarter, the first two book reports should be about a fiction book that you have read at home. The first book report will be due Friday, October 13th


Name: __________________________________________________

Title of the book: ___________________________________________

Author of the book: _________________________________________

Fiction Genre: _____________________________________________


Please answer in complete sentences.


1.Who is the protagonist of the book? What is a character trait to describe this character? What are actions, words, and thoughts to give evidence to this character trait?

2. Go back in the story and make an inference.

Identify the explicit text evidence with the page number that supports the inference.

3.What is the main idea?

4. What is the theme?

5. Why do you think this is the theme?

6.  Summarize this story in three-five sentences.

7.  Would recommend this book to.  Why or Why not?

8.  Draw a picture of the protagonist in the setting of the story.  Write a caption to explain what is happening in the picture.

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