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20 Jun

Dear Fourth Grade Parent,                                                                                                      June 20, 2017   We hope that you and your family enjoy a wonderful summer that is both fun and relaxing.  To prepare your child for fourth grade, it is important that some practices are in place. First of all, your child should be reading everyday.  Because it is the summer, let your child read for pleasure enjoying books that they enjoy.  As their parent, it would be helpful for you to encourage them to read a... 

20 Jun

4th Grade Supplies 60 pencils – # 2 Sharpened 6 Color Coded Specific Notebooks (red, blue, yellow, green, black, purple) 1 box of colored pencils 1 liquid glue 8 glue sticks 1 box of markers 1 box of dry erase markers 1 pair of old clean socks 3 pair of scissors 1 protractor 1 compass 2 pocket folders 1 large Hand sanitizer 1 package of Clorox wipes 1 box of reclosable plastic sandwich bags 1 box of large gallon bags 2 package of notebook paper 2 package of copy paper 2 boxes of Kleenex Paper Towels Wet wipes 2 black wipes 1 ruler with centimeters and inches 2 package of post-its Pencil case...