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7 Oct

Two Book Reports Due 10/14/ 16

Whipping Boy and a Book of Choice

Below is the book report form

Title of the book:_________________________________________________


Author of the book: _______________________________________________


Genre: _________________________________________________________


Illustrator of the book:_____________________________________________


Number of pages:________________________________________________



Directions: Answer each question in a complete sentence. Use as many details as possible. Please use a separate sheet of paper to record your responses.


  1. Who is the main character in the book?  List three character traits that describe this character (See character trait list). List some important details that support why you selected those character traits.


What is the setting of the story? (Where did it take place?)



  1. Describe at least one important or interesting event that took place in the story. Use as many details as possible.


  1. What is your favorite part of the book? Why?



  1. What is the problem the character faced?  Did he/she solve the problem?



  1. How did the character solve the problem? If the problem was not resolved, how would you have solved that problem?



  1. How does the book end? How could the book have ended differently?



  1. Make a prediction: If there was a sequel to this story, what do you think will happen next?



Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?


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