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March 9, 2014

March 10, 2014 – March 14, 2014

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Math – This week students will begin working on Unit 8 (Area).  This week, we will complete lessons 8.2 – 8.4.

Literacy– This week we will read the story “I Could Do That!” (Anchor Text) The skills and strategies for this story are cause & effect and infer/predict. Class Novel/ Read Aloud: Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing by Judy Blume.

Social Studies – This week we will begin our Women’s History Month.  This week, students will learn about women who are significant in American and World History. Students will begin their interview projects. Students will interview a woman who has made a positive contribution to their lives.

Science – Students will take the ISAT test on Tuesday March 11, 2014. Please make certain students are present and on time. This week we will continue learning about the Scientific Method.


Weekly Classwork/Homework Log


SUBJECT MONDAY 3/10 TUESDAY  3/11 WEDNESDAY    3/12  THURSDAY   3/13 FRIDAY 3/14  Fix it Friday”
Literacy Anchor Text for the Week: I Could Do That!(C)  (C) Target Skill/Strategy:Cause and Effect Infer & Predict  Introduction


(C) Book Log 3/3- Due

Note: Book Log optional tonight  for students who completed 3/3 log

Book Log (H)

Journal Entry# 13 (C)I Could Do That cont..(C)  (C) Grammar: Negatives Practice BookPg. 254  (H)



Book Log (H)

Meet with Small Groups (C)   Practice Book Pgs. 259-261 (H)Due Friday 

3/14  Book Log (H)

Journal Entry#14 (C)

Text Book: Pg. 571 “I Could Do That!”


Meet w/ Small Groups (C)

 Book Log (H)

        Book Log (H)
Math   Area (C)ReviewNo Homework

 No Math



8.2 Scale Drawings (C)

Study Links 8.2 (H)

Multiplication Facts Quiz





8.3 (H) not due



8.4 (H) not due

Pi Activity Refelction (H)

Multiplication Facts Quiz



Social Studies Intro to Women’s History Month (C) N/A Women’s History  Interview Project (C)

N/A (C)

Work on Interview Projects (H)

Work on Interview Projects (H)
Science ISAT TEST REVIEW ISAT TESTING Class Experiment Wrap –Up (C) N/A N/A



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